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Survey Scores


Manco Abbott regularly surveys owners, tenants, residents and broker partners to determine their level of satisfaction with our services. Each customer group has a chance to rate our level of service, note successes and provide opportunities for improvement. The online surveys give us a personal view of how well we are fulfilling our Leading Service commitment.

We take our customer satisfaction surveys seriously, and develop subsequent action plans to address any concerns that are raised. Problem solving is what we do. Transparency and responsiveness enable us to provide the finest property management customer service in Central California.


Satisfied Owners

Owner clients say they chose Manco Abbott due to: 1) our reputation, 2) a trusted referral, and 3) the services offered. Before we took over management of their properties, 22% of owners rated their property performance as "Excellent/Good." After Manco Abbott began managing their properties that figure rose to 98%.

Owner survey scores reveal:

  • 98% would refer Manco Abbott property management services to others.
  • 98% agree that they receive value for services provided for their management fee.
  • 98% agree that Manco provides the highest possible level of service, knowledge, professionalism and integrity.
  • 95% report that our team responds to concerns, questions or problems in an excellent manner.
  • 95% agree that our employees are effective ambassadors of a strong service brand.
  • 93% are satisfied with the quality, timeliness and detail of their monthly financial reports.

Here's what property owners had to say in their own words:

  • "When I was considering the switch to Manco Abbott for [my property], I told [leaders] that I needed one of the best managers they had, with experience, professionalism, and the ability to work with and even hand-hold the diverse mix of local tenants at this unique center. They said they had the perfect person… They were spot-on. I couldn't imagine anyone better for me to work with or to handle all the nuances of this center filled with unique local tenants. [Staff] has helped me make [my property] a special center allowing for success for the tenants, the community and the ownership. Thanks to [staff] and Manco Abbott."
  • "Manco Abbott's reputation in the Central Valley is unsurpassed. One of the things we appreciate about the organization is the number of vendors with whom they have established relationships, along with the qualifying process they use. We believe it exhibits their commitment to do everything possible to ensure that they recommend only quality service providers."

Satisfied Brokers

Real estate brokers work closely with our team to ensure that commercial occupancies are filled. Our partnership with a variety of firms is important to the success of our clients.

Broker survey scores reveal:

  • 100% rate Manco Abbott's property management team as "Excellent/Good" with regard to helpfulness, responsiveness, respectfulness, professionalism and knowledge.
  • 9 out of 10 agree that Manco Abbott responds to their concerns, questions or problems in an excellent manner.
  • 100% agree that Manco Abbott provides the highest possible level of service, knowledge, professionalism and integrity.
  • 89% agree that Manco Abbott’s property management services are the best in Central California.
  • 100% agree that Manco Abbott's employees are effective ambassadors of a strong service brand.

Here's what brokers had to say in their own words:

  • "[Manco Abbott has] always dealt in a very professional manner, which makes me look good and that's important to both of us. Manco is always prepared and knowledgeable in shopping center operating costs and can easily comfort an owner that has experienced recent problems. "
  • "I know and deal with other property management organizations and some do a good job, but not many do a 'great' job like Manco does. When I tell a tenant or property owner that they'll be glad if they choose Manco Abbott for their property management needs, I have never been disappointed. Not once."
  • "The financial reporting is superior to any I have reviewed prepared by Manco's competitors."
  • "My association with Manco Abbott over all these years has helped me to be more successful than I could have imagined, and I'm proud to be associated with such a dynamic group."

Satisfied Residents

Manco Abbott received an impressive 33% response rate from nearly 3,000 apartment units. We discovered that 38% of respondents moved from another apartment home and 14% have been residents with us for more than five years.

Resident survey scores reveal:

  • 9 out of 10 agree that Manco Abbott provides the highest level of service, knowledge, professionalism, and integrity.
  • Nearly 80% feel that Manco Abbott is a name they can trust.
  • 3 out of 4 report that it is important to them to reside in a community managed by Manco Abbott.
  • 87% indicate they would recommend their apartment community to a friend, relative or associate.
  • 81% agree that our employees are effective ambassadors of a strong service brand.
  • Nearly 90% report their overall satisfaction as a resident of the community as good or excellent.
  • 88% rate the overall condition of their apartment community as Excellent/Good.

Here's what residents had to say in their own words:

  • "My husband and I will soon be moving from Chicago to Fresno for my new job, and we just spent the last several days looking at apartments in the Fresno area. We wanted a place where we could be happy and comfortable for at least 3-4 years with dependable and competent management. In touring over a dozen properties, both Manco-managed and others, it quickly became clear that Manco's management teams are the best in the area."
  • "Manco Abbott's name just makes me feel at ease, because I know what kind of quality service that will be provided to me. Ever since I have been here, the staff has been very kind and accommodating. They always know who I am and call me by name. I have been very impressed by their desire to make this feel like my home."
  • "I have lived all over the world being a federal employee and can honestly say this community is the nicest I have ever lived in. I honestly hate the thought of ever having to move again. [Staff] makes me feel like family."
  • "I couldn't be happier with this place. It really meant a lot to me that I got a personal phone call within a month of moving in, asking how I was doing and how I liked my place. The staff is warm and friendly. I am also very impressed how quickly my work orders are taken care of. The timing is impeccable. I have already recommended this community to several people."
  • "I love my home! The grounds are beautiful and there is a real sense of pride. I am so impressed with the community events and BBQs—I don't know any other companies that do that for their residents! It is a great place to live."
  • "The interactions provided by the staff and maintenance crew surpasses all those in my previous residences throughout the United States and abroad."

Satisfied Tenants

Our retail, office and industrial tenants trust us to ensure their property is effectively maintained, secure and cared for. That allows them to take care of business.

Tenant survey scores reveal:

  • 7 out of 10 tenants have been with Manco Abbott for three or more years, and nearly 50% for more than six years.
  • Nearly 90% associate Manco Abbott with providing the highest level possible of professionalism.
  • 87% agree that their property management team treats them respectfully.
  • 84% report that maintenance requests are fulfilled to their satisfaction.
  • 9 out of 10 report that maintenance requests are responded to in a timely manner.
  • The majority of tenants consider Manco Abbott's property management services as the best in Central California.
  • 89% report their overall satisfaction as a tenant as good or excellent.
  • 80% believe that Manco Abbott responds to their concerns, questions or problems in an excellent manner.

Here's what tenants had to say in their own words:

  • "Manco Abbott sets the standard for property management. They responded timely to our open items in our agreement to our complete satisfaction. Best experience in my 35 years of business."
  • "Problems are few and far between, but when they arise, Manco Abbott has handled the situation with effective communication in a timely manner, thus making my job much easier. Thanks!"
  • "Manco Abbott property management is a wonderful company. As a tenant, I can always count on Manco to be there when needed. Anyone thinking of renting property should do so with Manco Abbott. Just wanna say thank you for all your help."
  • "When Manco Abbott takes over management of a property, they address the needs and get the job done!!"

We'd like to thank the more than 1,500 customers who completed a satisfaction survey in the months of April and May. Our goal is to be a valued steward of their property investment and to continue earning their trust.